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Blank emails are being sent from my website
Last Updated a year ago

Blank emails may be logged and sent from your website's contact form if a person (or "bot") accesses your website's Contact Us page and clicks "submit" without putting in any information.

When you receive a blank email, we suggest logging in to your website Dashboard, then going to Forms, then "Entries" under the appropriate form. You can review all recent "human-submitted" messages there.

To cut down on junk postings, you may want to add a CAPTCHA to your form. You can do this by editing the form (click "Edit" under the form's title) and adding a CAPTCHA from the "advanced fields" section. Please note that for the CAPTCHA to work, you must register it with Google. Instructions will be provided as you are adding the CAPTCHA section, or here is an example below.

To use the reCAPTCHA field you must do the following:
1 - Sign up for an API key pair for your site.
2 - Enter your reCAPTCHA site and secret keys in the reCAPTCHA Settings section of the Settings page

If you do not go to the steps provided of registering it with Google, not only will your CAPTCHA not work but your Contact form will also stop working!

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